Cocktail Drink Recipes

Cocktails and other drinks are fun beverages are fun at parties and when out with groups of friends. They don’t always have to be alcoholic either. Just as much fun can be making them yourself. So you will need a cocktail recipe! At there is a list of all the popular cocktail recipes for you to make yourself. Each recipe includes the correct ingredients, steps to follow to prepare and make the drink and finally, the correct glass to serve your drink.

You can search all the drink recipes by their common name, ingredients or any other part of the recipe. Of course you don’t always have to make one of the complicated cocktails and perhaps you prefer to make a shooter, or shot, depending on where you live. These are smaller, less complicated and often only a couple of ingredients.

Don’t always think of cocktails as having expensive ingredients either. That $20 cocktail can be much cheaper to make at home even if you don’t want to use the same brand ingredients. Perhaps you are happy substituting a less expensive brand for that in fashion name brand. Really, is one light rum better than another when mixed with half a dozen other liquids? That is up to you and your friends.

So next time you are planning a cocktail party, look through many of the recipes here and plan out a few of the basics. Then make sure you have enough of the basic ingredients such as vodka, rum, gin, whiskey, sparkling wine etc and let the party begin!

Sample Cocktail Recipes